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Sun, Oct. 9th, 2011, 01:26 pm
nature_boy_blue: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.
Today I think I'll just go for my usual walk along the seawall and then up the hill to have a few drinks at the PJ's.
I'll be alone as usual but I like it that way. Of coarse most people will be having their big dinners with family.
If I did that I'd have to be pretending that I forgot all the years of sexual abuse I had from my dad. My mom keeps asking
why I don't come visit. I'm not about to step inside the house that allot of the abuse happened. I probably won't do that til my 
dad is dead. I'm not sure what emotions will be going through my mind when that happens. Mostly just relief and 
good riddance. My family isn't a close one so it won't make allot of difference in my life except for the pain of having to go to the 
funeral and having to see relatives. I guess I'll probably have to pretend that I'm sad. I'll have to drug myself up for that experience.

Anyway...... hope other people are having a better weekend.