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Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by. This community is for Males of all ages who have been abused, either sexually, physically, or verbally. It is here to provide a safe place to us to talk about it, and get it out in the open, and to help each other. There are other abuse survivor communities, but this is one specifically for males.

Although it is possible to heal from sexual assault, many people who are sexually abused as children or assaulted as adults find that the abuse experience affects them for a long time. Although many of the following issues could have other causes, these are some common long-term effects:
A)Affective and anxiety difficulties
2)impaired ability to modulate affect
3)generalized anxiety
4)anxiety reactions
a)panic attacks
b)agoraphobia/phobic behavior
c)obsessive-compulsive behavior
B)Self/interpersonal problems
1)trust and intimacy issues
2)negative and/or inconsistent perceptions of self
C)Body-related issues
1)somatic reactions
2)substance abuse/addiction
3)self-injuring behavior
4)suicidal ideation/gestures
5)disordered eating
6)disruptions in sexuality
D)Dissociative reactions
1)memory loss, gaps in memory
2)numbing of feelings/body
3)dichotomous thinking/good-bad splitting
5)flashbacks/intrusive thoughts
6)dissociative personality structures

This list contains members who have been here for a very long time and although at times, it may seem a bit inactive, I assure you this is an active group and will always be that way. When one of us bows out (like our long-time moderator, Danny) new ones take over (like me, Jim--I've been a member of this group for about 9 years).

A couple of things:
We want to encourage everyone who happens about this group to use it for support and to connect with others. Members are expected to be courteous and understanding to other members individual needs. Sometimes posts may contain grammar errors or are written in a difficult font, we are to accept these things, just as we are each other.

Sometimes it may take us a bit to review your post, this is because we do this as volunteers and may not have the time to read all posts right away (especially the longer ones). We ask that you please be patient and know that we will review your post as we are able.

Finally, please do not post entries that speculate on whether or not you think someone is being abused, this is a space for those of us who have concrete experiences to learn from one another and grow.

I am proud to be a member of this group and I hope that should you join, you will too.

Jim (aka "ashbowie")

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